Jaggi blog

Jaggi blog, is only another blog for you can 'despotricar' and show to the word that you want.

This blog want to put a lot affort in management of pictures.

In producction:


User management:

-management groups, associating wich group with another groups for extends acess, associating which picture with a group for only this group can look it.
-management users, associating which user with a group.


-for upload pictures with porcent process bar.


-implents a themes management.


-best management and process.



-login as administrator using a name and password

Element management:

-add new element.
-management element.
-add new picture.
-add new zip file with multiple pictures.
-management pictures


-the system creates automactly two picutures thumb versions.

Random principal picture:

-the system presents a ramdom picture in element show.

Technical features

powered by:


Deploy de proyect


-jsdk.1.4.0 (or up)
-jakarta tomcat 4.0 (or up)
-ant 1.6 (or up)
-mysql 4.0 (or up)

  1. download and uncompress the source file.

  2. Custom the files:

    2.1) hibernate.properties
    customice the next parameters:

    2.2) 00_db_user.sql
    write the correct name of db, and user, and password

    2.3) buil-dist.properties
    customice the next parameters:

    tomcatwars.dir= (the path to your ${TOMCAT_HOME}/webapps)
    contexto= (the name of your context)
    root.id= (your root user for mysql)
    root.pass= (your root pass for mysql)
    database.name= (database name)
    database.host= (database host)

  3. Compile and deploy the context in your tomcat:
    # ant deploy_and_up

  4. Restart tomcat

  5. go to: http://localhost:8080/jaggiblog
    (or another context name)

  6. if you have any problem write me: d2clon@desarrolladores.org

The first Element

  1. go to http://localhost:8080/jaggiblog

  1. write your user and password for administrator:
    By default is admin, 4dm1n.
    You can change it directy in database
    update usuarios set clave='new_pass' where nombre ='admin';

  1. Add new element:

  1. fill the title and comment zone and push 'enviar', dont push 'nueva foto' at this time why then your text in the box will be forgotten.

  2. Add pictures:
    Push now the 'nueva foto' link.

  3. Adding a single picture:
    Insert a title, choose a image file and push 'enviar'.
    At this time de system are uploading the file and making thumb versions for your picture.

  4. Adding a multiple picutres in a zip file:
    Choose a zip file and push 'enviar'.
    This process can lost lot of time, depends the number and size of pictures.

  5. Go to edit element zone:
    Push on 'seguir con ficha' link.

  6. Editing element:
    Here you can modified all parameters of the element and its pictures.
    Remenber push 'enviar' of wich part of element for update de changes.

10) Listing all elements:
only push in 'listar fichas' link on right menu.

  1. look element detail:
    only push on the title of element.